You may fill out the form, email: or call and leave a voicemail at 
Please allow up to 48 business hours for a response.
I also offer Teletherapy services.

Detailed speech asessments:
- Language Background information
-Clinical assessment during reading
-Clinical conversational assessment of expository/personal/story-retell narratives
-Clinical analysis during conversation
-Clinical interview regarding the emotional impact of accent
-Articulation and Phonology Assessment
-Voice Asessment
-Fluency assessment (Prosody)
-In depth IPA analysis , with comparison of productions of vowels and phonemes of both languages.

Every evaluation includes initial recommendations for therapy goals, educational information and a written report.

Individual therapy: Each individual session is different dependent on assessment results. Evaluation will determine the number of days and minutes required for maximum progress.

Home Exercise Plan: One aspect of Speech therapy is making sure you can generalize skills into all settings (therapy room, home environment, work, school, community). Once you have mastered a goal at a certain prompting level, you will be taught how to self monitor and self-cue outside the therapy setting.