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Monolingual and Bilingual Diagnostic evaluations:

  • Parent, Family and/or Patient interview: Background information
  • Clinical assessment during reading, if age appropriate
  • Clinical conversational assessment of story retell, expository narrative, and/or personal narrative
  • Clinical assessment during conversation
  • Clinical analysis of speech during a community environment (school, work, home)
  • Clinical interview with patient and other relevant parties (parent, spouse, etc.) about the emotional impact of stuttering
  • Clinical assessment of the secondary behaviors of stuttering

Every evaluation includes initial recommendations for therapy goals, educational information for families, and a written report.

Individual therapy – Each individual session varies dependent on diagnosis. Evaluation results will determine the number of days and minutes required for maximum progress. 

Family Education– The goal of speech therapy is for the patient to generalize their into all settings (therapy room, home environment, school, community). Once the patient has mastered a goal at a certain prompting level, family members will be taught how to cue the patient for this prompting level at home. Individualized home exercise programs will be created for each patient.

Community collaboration – With parent/caregiver consent, I will personally visit schools to collaborate with members of the community, such as the child's teacher and school-based SLP, OT, PT. An extra fee will be required for each visit, but I will provide unlimited time for teamwork. I do not charge for phone consultations.