How can Corporate Speech Pathology services help me?
These three following components are targeted in Corporate Speech Pathology:
Speech Therapy: Targets Pronunciation/Articulation of Standard American English to increase intelligibility
Voice Therapy: Targets prosody (rate, stress, volume, pitch, tone, word juncture) to increase intelligibility and to sound more confident
Eliminating Filler Words (um, uh, like) to sound more credible
Poise: Posture and gestures

    What is Standard American English (SAE)?
    SAE is a term that is used to describe a "neutral" English accent. In other words, speech that has been regarded as most easily understood. Professional newscasters are one example of how a SAE accent sounds.

    English is not my first language, will I sound like a native after corporate speech therapy?
    Your accent will improve and become closer to a Standard American English accent, and you can increase to 100% intelligibility with training. However, according to some research, a person (typically) needs to have arrived in the United States by age six in order to speak Standard American English like a native. Therefore, the goal of therapy is to focus on functional speech, and being understood by others 100% of the time. Not sounding native is not a problem unless listeners have difficulty understanding what you are saying.

    What are some examples of activities we would be targeting in a session?
    -receptive phoneme differentiation training
    -articulation drills
    -prosody analysis
    -postural and breath exercises
    -working with any presentations or texts that are important to you
    -strategies for elimination of filler words

    Why work with Kaiting?
    I take the time to understand all my client's learning styles, and provide individualized materials and instructions that will yield the best results. I have background studying multiple languages, in addition to performing and directing theatre plays for 10 years. Due to these experiences, I have a strong understanding of the IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet).  Additionally, I participated in "Toastmasters" in Guadalajara, Mexico (presenting in Spanish), and advanced to the state level competition.