Columbia University, Masters of Science in Speech-Language Pathology

University of San Francisco, Bachelor of Arts in International Studies and Theatre minor

Languages: English (native), Mandarin (native), 
Spanish (Fluent), Portuguese (Fluent), American Sign Language (beginner)

Hobbies: Weightlifting, Pilates, Ice & Roller Skating, Piano, and Reading (mostly historical non-fiction)

About Kaiting
When I was a child, I saw my grandparents struggling with English when they moved to the United States. I created an English class for my grandma so she wouldn't feel so isolated. My father was also judged for his accent at work. I saw how different his personality shifted when he joked with us in his native Mandarin. 

Navigating between three countries (U.S.A, China, and Taiwan), I was also bullied for my cultural idiosyncrasies. In response, at 6 years old I (naively) told my family I planned to learn every language in the world.  I loved listening to people's stories, but I wanted them to feel comfortable to speak with me in their native tongue.

During my undergraduate studies, I started volunteering with the Deaf community and people with disabilities. I related to how they struggle shifting between society's expectations, while remaining true to themselves. I am passionate about embracing an individual's personality, using their unique strengths to reach one's potential.

My philosophy is that speech-language therapy is more than strategies. It is also about empowering people to cherish their inner beauty by finding confidence, purpose, and joy in their voice.